Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Napa


The Mediterranean regions are one of the most amazing places to settle. The food, climate, and natural beauty may convince you to start adapting to the Mediterranean lifestyle, and if that happens, you may be one of the luckiest people in the world. Speaking of food, people that live in the

Mediterranean regions love to eat, and people who cherish food have incredible food joints. Suppose it is your first time to visit the Mediterranean areas, here are some of the best food joints.

Mediterranean Food Center

Once to arrive at the Mediterranean regions, it is likely that the first new people you meet will suggest that you visit the Mediterranean Food Center for your first meal. If you get there, you are likely to get confused about what food to order. One of my favorites meals in the restaurant is Chicken Shawarma.

Chicken meat never tasted that good. Apart from chicken, you can have a variety of meat like lamb, beef, pork among others. Whenever you order meet, you find that it is tender and fresh. The ingredients used to prepare meals are all natural. If you happen to be a vegetarian, the restaurant is not one to miss. There are a variety of fresh nice-tasting vegetables some of which I am certain you have no idea they exist.

Juju’s Mediterranean Kitchen

The name of the restaurant says it all. You would think that the food prepared in Juju’s Kitchen is too good to be a human recipe. When you visit Juju’s Mediterranean kitchen, you will probably meet the famous Juju the Chef. Everything he touches tastes incredible starting from the Kefta, Fafafel, Lamb Gyro, Chicken Kabob, cheese tiropita, homemade Baklava among others. You may also consider having breakfast at the restaurant because they have a variety of high-quality coffee and offer full breakfast meals.

The Turkish coffee and sandwiches will have you ordering other meals that you never tasted and most likely, they will not disappoint you. Apart from that, the dining area has numerous cookbooks for different meals which can guide you in preparing something that you find exceptional at the café.


Zam Zam Mediterranean

I recognize Zam for the number of spices used to prepare meals. Most meals contain spices, but the spices do not overpower the original taste of food. The beef and lamb shawarma and other authentic Greek food are worthy of ordering whenever you visit the café. The restaurant’s breakfast menu is full of snacks that have delicious tastes and ability to make you full for several hours. People never stop talking about the lamb and hummus offered at Zam Zam Mediterranean.

The hummus has an appropriate amount of garlic and also creamy. You can also order different types of fresh salads with hot sauce. The fact that the restaurant allows online orders is convenient. Suppose you feel too lazy to walk to the café, make an online order and have your meal at the doorstep within a few minutes.

Tarla Mediterranean Bar & Grill

Tarla Mediterranean Bar and Grill specialize strictly on Mediterranean food. Before you even enjoy your main meal, the desert makes you impatient for what you order. You can choose to have appetizer meatballs before you receive your meal and chances are that you will be eager to order another appetizer that does not make you too full for the main meal.

Nothing is disappointing about the Tarla Mediterranean Bar and Grill. Frankly, you will have to order a different type of food every time you visit the place if you wish to have a taste of several Mediterranean flavors. The customer service is remarkable more so because of the member’s advice on the best dishes they can provide at specific prices.


The above information should already convince you to pack and leave for the Mediterranean areas if you love to eat. The mentioned restaurants are just a few of the food joints that offer remarkable meals be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a daytime snack. The cafes’ offer meals that contain natural ingredients and retain the natural food taste. They may convince you to adapt to the Mediterranean lifestyle within a few weeks of the visit.