Food And Drink To Go With Hookah

A regular smoker, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy some bowl of the hookah with drink and food. However, when it comes to pairing tobacco and food, there are certain basic rules that one should adhere to. Firstly, you must pick complementary flavors. Mixing different food and hookah flavors is terribly a bad idea. Additionally, you should not use spicy meals might dull your sense of tastes and smell. Therefore, in this guide, we discuss the best foods and drinks you can mix with hookah. Read one.

1. Hookah and Milk

Sound intriguing, right? Although it might sound awkward, drinking cold milk during your session is just a nice change to the routine. Milk plus hookah will definitely make you feel fresh. Additionally, drinking milk could act as a quick snack, hence, there is no need to peek into the fridge. Besides, you can try mixing cocoa powder in your drinking to add some refreshment and flavor. Notably, milk is always not for everyone, but you can replace it with classic soya milk or even the vanilla or chocolate flavor. The drink is worth a try.

2. Finger food

When it comes to hookah hangouts, try to keep in mind that you are not alone, thus, try to avoid offerings and eating greasy foods like fries and burgers. Eating fried foods always leave the hose sticky and greasy, hence decreasing the enjoyment your friends might get from the hookah. Instead, settle for finger foods like sushi, cabbage chips or organic carrots. In any case, if you choose to go for barbeque in hookah lounge miami , you can gather around and smoke your hookah before you eat or eat first and the gather around to smoke. I addition, you can consider taking nuts of all kinds since they are a good substitute on hookah tables.

3. Hookah and Coffee

It does not matter whether you like taking coffee in the morning or not. Coffee is always a good choice while doing hookah. This is due to the fact that it neutralizes the taste of tobacco. Whether you are doing sweet tobaccos or watermelon like coffee provides you with a taste sense break, hence allowing you to enjoy the session even longer. However, if you are worried that you might not fall asleep after doing this combination, try using decaf coffee instead.

4. Hookah and Beer

If you are looking for some light enjoyment while smoking your hookah, then you should consider light beer and hookah. The cleansing property on the tongue. This, in turn, lets you enjoy the hookah. Let us face it, we have all hard sessions when the flavor is just dull. Well with a sip of beer can refreshen and reinvigorate your senses that have become used to the flavor.

5. Hookah and water

Water is just classic and simple. It helps prevent nicotine sickness and can as well cleanse the senses. A nice glass of water at room temperature should always accompany your hookah smoking session. Cold can dull your senses of taste, thus getting some warm water will get you out of this situation. Although as you partake session, you should always learn to know what best works for you.