Mango and Peach Moscato Cocktail Recipe

If you love drinking and serving simple cocktails on summer, then this mango and peach Moscato cocktail will become your new summer cocktail of all times. After trying this blend on a Moscato wine cocktail, you will never want to stay without wishing to have one in your hands. Mango and peach Moscato cocktail is a refreshing, fruity, and sweet classic cocktail. It is a perfect peach recipe that uses white wine for summertime or spring parties.

If was told to chose my best summertime cocktail, I would definitely select margarita because of its combining capabilities with beer, deliciousness, and revamping with healthy ingredients. However, when preparing to host friends and family to a party in your house, it is good to consider that some people may not like tequila, or like something with low alcohol content. Particularly, the mango and peach Moscato cocktail recipe in this articl

The aim here is to have a white wine which is more inclined towards the drier side – like a castello del poggio . The sweet taste in this blend is generated from various ingredients like mango nectars, fresh fruit, and peach. Therefore, a dry wine is the best choice. And you may choose from a basic, cheap variety, too. It works well when you need a drink to serve a crowd.

The nectars from peach and mango here are simple means to add flavor to your cocktail. You can use any quantity of nectar you may like. Most white wine cocktails have a citrus component in them. So, this recipe includes cutting an orange into two and adding the juice to the mixture. You can use as little or as much as you want.

While adding seltzer water is your choice, it is good to add a small amount to each of the glasses before serving to make the cocktail to incline towards a more sparkling mango and peach Moscato cocktail. But that is entirely optional.

Purchasing one big 1.5-liter bottle of wine and doubling the other ingredients can sufficiently cater for a summer housewarming party or any other cocktail needs in mid.


Prep time: 5 mins

Course: Cocktails

Servings: 6


· 1 white wine bottle that is more inclined towards the drier side (750 Ml)

· glass of brandy

· glass of mango nectar

· glass of peach nectar

· About 2 tablespoonfuls of orange juice

· An orange sliced into small slices

· 1 peach sliced into small slices

· Seltzer water during serving (optional – for those who like bubbles)

· Ice during serving


Mix the wine, peach slices, orange slices, orange juice, peach nectar, mango nectar, and brandy in a big pitcher. Blend them and refrigerate for a few hours so as to allow the flavors to mix. Then for serving, add seltzer water to get some bubbles and ice (if you want).

Don’t worry about playing with the amounts of fresh fruit, orange juice, and nectars until they match your tastes of preference. You can also add ice to the pitcher before serving the cocktail if you wish. Just ensure that you don’t leave the mixer sitting in the refrigerator with some ice in it for an extended period, or it will dilute the cocktail.