Seafood Basics


Seafood is a vast variety of fish, shellfish, and squid. It is considered a delicacy and is usually connected to the geographical region where fishing is done regularly. Because the selection is so wide it is no wonder there is something for everyone’s taste.

Seafood is considered to be a little less affordable than other meat. This is understandable since it is typically freshly caught and prepared, and the meat itself is of higher quality. The nutritional value of fish is astonishing thus it is no wonder this cuisine is highly ranked and a somewhat pricier.


Shrimp is usually served cold and the typical arrangement in which it is served is the famous shrimp cocktail. It is not served abundantly because the point is to savor every bite.

ShrimpSome other ways of preparing and serving shrimp include fried shrimp or grilled with some delicious seasoning. With grilling and frying, you can’t go wrong. The standard recipe for seafood seasoning is olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, and, of course, lemon. This varies from chef to chef but is definitely considered as a standard base for marinade and seasoning.

Crab and Oysters

This is a nutritious shellfish which comes in different sizes, colors, and tastes. Fresh crab is one of the best choices you can make in a seafood restaurant. They have hearty delicious meat and can be combined well with both red and white wine. This is the perfect choice when dining out.

Crab-and-OystersOysters and mussels are a highly ranked favorite for seafood lovers and restaurant clientele. They are usually minimally prepared, and, in some cases, can be eaten raw. People do have to get used to their taste which exactly why they are considered to be a delicacy for true gourmets.


The usual fish which are served in restaurants include sea bass, cod, mackerel, tuna and, of course, Salmon. In some case, restaurants serve swordfish and shark but these are less frequent. The variety of fish is always good to have because they have distinctly different tastes and people usually have a favorite. The best quality of a good fish dish is the nutritional value. Apart from being delicious and paired easily with any side dish – fish is a really healthy meal.


LobstersThis shellfish is considered to be the queen of the sea. It is one of the most renowned specialties only some geographic regions can provide. Its meat is sometimes described as steak meat from the ocean and it is loaded with nutritional value. It is usually freshly caught and prepared by boiling or steaming. With this dish, you don’t even need a side dish. Just melted butter is enough. However, keep in mind that every vegetable goes well with lobster meat.

Another specialty is lobster bisque. Bisque is a creamy stew which originates from France and has broadened its initial ingredients. Today, bisque can be made with a variety of different fish and even shellfish. The key is to heavily season bisque in order to accentuate the taste.