Food Preparation Techniques


Food is prepared in many ways in every part of the world. There are some basics to preparing food and we should all have some knowledge about it. This is key for any nutritional plans and it never hurts to learn something useful, interesting and new.

Healthy Ways


Steaming is a usual way to prepare food when you are watching your calorie intake and general health. It is usually done with vegetables because they can be easily processes but it is not bound to that food group. The only thing you need is some hot water and your food nutrients will remain almost intact.


Blanching is another healthy way to prepare food. It preserves the initial taste and doesn’t compromise the nutritional value of the food. It is also done with boiling water.


Boiling food is similar to steaming but the food is immersed in water. It is a healthy way to prepare food and can be done with any meat or vegetables. You will only need a deep pot and some hot water.

Cooking a Stew

Cooking a StewMaking a stew usually takes time. It gives a delicious and flavorful result which is why many people are inclined to take that time to make it. It typically involves a lot of different vegetables, rich seasoning, and some water. It will most likely be made for a larger group of people and served in ceramic bowls to retain the heat.

Some Less Healthy Habits

Deep frying is one of the unhealthiest habits we have. It involves a lot of fat, grease, or oil, into which the food is dipped. Though, very unhealthy – it tastes delicious. You practically fry anything and it will have a great taste. This is probably why we are so prone to deep frying.

This type of food preparation is usually used in fast food restaurants since it is not time-consuming. For this process, you’ll only need a frying basket and some boiling fat.


SauteTo sauté food you need a frying pan or a wok, and any type of oil. This can sometimes be a healthy preparation of food but typically isn’t. It gives any food a good crispy taste. Both vegetables and meat can be sauteed. The key is to slice everything into small portions in order for the sautéing sauce to reach everything.


We need to consider which of these we usually opt for. It is crucial for our health to raise awareness of the nutritional value we take on a daily basis. Healthier habits should be done more regularly than frying and deep frying. But we need to take into consideration that no big sacrifices have to be made.

Don’t Fret

The new frenzy about healthy eating and fitness has confused some people about their daily intake of food. It doesn’t mean omit everything that makes you happy. It simply means make some cutbacks and change a few habits and see where it takes you. Try not to eat fast food every day and increase your vegetable and fruit intake.