Tips for Starting a Cake Business from Home

Starting a business at home can be very profitable. A person can make a lot of money and will not have to pay overhead costs for land or for an office rental. There are some tips to starting a cake business at home to help it become successful.

When starting a cake business make sure that there is enough time to shop for the ingredients, market the business, tend to book keeping, and of course bake and decorate the cakes. There also need to be plenty of room to store the ingredients, decorate the cakes, and have the finished cakes wait for pickup.

Develop a Business Plan

While it may be fun to bake the cake business should be taken seriously. A person can to take into consideration the startup costs and how they are going to get this money. They also need to think about how they are going to market the business. A person should know how they are going to pay for the supplies needed for the cakes and make sure they register their business with the local authorities and government. A serious plan for this startup is needed.

Food Safety

Even when making cake from home a person is going to need to take a food safety course. This course will review information on sanitation, proper storage, and reducing cross contamination. This is very important when working with food as a person can get sick.


Register the Business Name

Even when working at home the business name has to be registered within 28 days of opening. The home will be inspected to make sure it meets hygiene regulations and has proper drainage. A person will also need to show a cleaning schedule and have a complete list of ingredients that are used in the cakes.

Make a Website

Many home businesses rely on the internet to help them find customers. Selling the cakes online is a great way to reach people. It is important to have an attractive looking website. The website should be as appealing and as creative as the cakes. The site should show off some of the best cakes that were made. In addition to having a professional website social media is a great place to show off the cakes. Facebook, Instagram and other sites are a great place to display some of the work. This will help get attention to the business and attract customers.

Attend Local Events

When starting out a home business attend local events with the best looking cake. People like cake and this will get their attention if it is decorated in a creative manner. Also bring plenty of samples and business cards. Showing off a cake is one of the best ways to attract business and to get the word out about the new cake business.

These are tips on starting a home cake business. Purchasing cake supplies in Miami can help a person get everything they need to start their business. Now they can turn their hobby into a business.