Vintage Restaurants in New York

New York is has a lot of places with glamorous histories which we are not aware of. This city provides us with some real vintage experiences which can be rekindled even today. What makes a good vintage restaurant? Well, longstanding quality, an original idea, and a characteristic atmosphere. Here are some options you can consider when dining in New York.


George’s Hollywood restaurant was known as the Astor room and where you can get the famous Astoria dinner. It offers old Hollywood glam and a very modern menu. It is a perfect combination of the mesmerizing past and delicious present. You will be amazed by the interior and the service. This is a top-notch place which can only exist in New York.

A couple of decades ago this was the meeting place for Hollywood stars and today it still maintains its cinematographic tradition. This place is more than just a jazz restaurant, it has an established a studio which shoots popular shows such as Shades of Blue and Orange is the New Black.

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant is set in one of the most beautiful places in New York which is the Grand Central Station. It is the center for seafood dishes with an extensive menu of over a hundred different types of food. Its main focus is the seafood so if you’re not a fan, we will have to suggest that you look for a different place.

Eddie’s Sweet Shop

This place has the romantic vibe of the 1920s. It is very vintage and very retro. It offers homemade candies, sweets, and sundaes. This is a perfect place for any occasion, whether you’re on a romantic date or having a stroll with the kids.


Caffe Reggio

This place has a lot of historical value. It was founded in 1927. and today it is reminiscent of a Renaissance era. It has paintings, statues, interesting stained glass windows. There is an urban legend that their espresso machine is the first one in the States and dates back to 1902. This is a classic vintage café which only New York can offer.

Minetta Tavern

This place is actually somewhat pricey, however, their food is worth it. This is believed to be the meeting place of the Beat poets and other artists and bohemians. It used to be an Italian place but today is most known for its burgers.

Wo Hop

New York is also known for its amazing Chinese food. Wo Hop is one of the longest standing pillars of the Chinese-American tradition. It is authentic, unique, and welcoming. You can look forward to a good atmosphere and great food.

Marie’s Crisis Café

This café is original in its history. This is the site of the death of Thomas Paine and today it is a center for musical artisans. You can often hear singing and a piano and it is filled with young people. This café has a mural which is said to portray the French Revolution and the American Revolution.