What is the best sunless tanning lotion?

Many people are victims of weird streaks as a result of certain self-tanners. Eventually, one ends up screaming that the tan is fake. But this is Not your fault (to some extent) – self-tanners need a bit of trial and error, patience and most importantly a good formula.

Apart from the norvell sunless tanning products, below is a good compilation of the best self-tanners. As long as you follow the basic rules and tips outlined below, you will always be left Googling on how to remove a self-tanner.

1. The Super-Fast Spray Tan

Some spray tans feel uneven and wet when you apply them, however, this formula is lightweight, fast-absorbing and leaves you with an even finish. If you have the right tan, you will never need to worry about leaving a part of your tan on the furniture since it dries down on contact. Ensure you stand outside on your shower while spraying it on or you will be left with messy walls and floors.

2. The Ultra Dark Lotion

Nearly all sunless tanners are made of lighter skin tones proving that there is a long way to go towards inclusivity. However, Banana Boat has gone an extra mile with the tinted and hydrating formula that gives even the deepest of skin tones a rich, dark tan after applying it for about two to three times.

3. The Moisturizing Tanning Butter

This is a two in one lotion that leaves your skin glowing and soft. Those who are haters of dry skin can thank the formula’s shea and mango butter for their moisturizing finish and creamy texture. The faux tan new users are rest assured that the color payoff is subtle and even.

4. Beginner-Level Tanner

Nothing beats the beginner level tanner. Just picture yourself holding the lightweight bottle of lotion that is a steady self tanner on steroids. Just like other tanners, the Beginner-level tanner is diluted enough what is nearly impossible to mess up. However, unlike most tanners, you will be in a position to see a noticeable glow after one use.

Tricks For Using Self Tanner

5. The Low-Lift Tanning Towelettes

Rubbing a soaked wipe self tanner over your body sounds like a messy recipe already. However, these low maintenance towels are surprisingly good at their job. They gradually bluff away the dry patches on your body as you dab them on but also does their tea-tree oil formula fight breakouts every time you use them.

6. The Lightweight, Sweet-Smelling Mist

Not everybody is on the beach partake of coconuts in an attractive swimsuit right now. If you aren’t enjoying the beach life luxury and you are in the office undergoing your day to day activities, you can fake it till you make it using the sweet-smelling mist. It consists of coconut water which contains fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that coat your skin with softness. The scent of the product will mentally transport you to the tropics. Your skin will enjoy full coverage without experiencing the annoying sticky residue.

Bonus Tip: Ensure that you use a scrub in the shower so as to exfoliate your body and shed dead skin cells and soften the rough patches.