Why Is Italian Food So Popular in the US?

Italian food is one of the most famous ethnic foods in the US. In the past years, eating Italian foods was considered slumming. Today, Americans consider it as their own. What makes this foreign cuisine to be popular in America’s pot? Italian food has something that is unique or comforting for everyone regardless of where they are from. The sprinkling food o Italian authenticity keeps people from going back for a slice of more action be it pizza, pasta, fish or steak. This article goes why Italian food is so prevalent in the US.

Italian Migration

The high popularity trend of Italian foods in America began in the late nineteenth century. Italian immigrants were starting to settle in the US. They traveled via Ellis Island to the west. however, they continued to hold on to their Italian culture through cooking their Italian foods. After world war II, the US soldiers returning from Italy carried with them the desire for foods of the grateful but war-ravaged country. The Italy immigrants that were enterprising minded started to open Italian restaurants. This was to provide the soldiers with the meals that they had already developed a desire for. The families of the soldiers were also introduced to Italian foods including pizza, manicotti, ravioli, spaghetti peppers, and sausage. The Americans embraced these Italian foods until the twentieth century.


For any cuisine to pass an examination, the taste is the first consideration. Italian food surpasses the flavor test by far. It is relatively hard for anyone to get it wrong in differentiating Italian foods from foods of other nations. This is one of the primary reasons why Americans love Italian foods. When the Italian foods are cooked correctly, they are indeed special. Italian restaurant in Miami is popular in offering the delicious Italian foods of all varieties. In fact, the stomach will be more turned on by dodgy paella than an under-par carbonara. More so, regarding health, Italian foods have well-balanced ingredients that you can’t feel guilty after eating.


The thousands of Italian restaurants have one thing in common, affordability. Though the prices depend on the restaurant you are visiting, all of them have a pretty affordable price. This is as compared to their fancier counterparts such as French and Indian restaurants. The Italian foods are also chap for home cooking such as pasta which is readily available and cheap.

Simplicity and Availability

Even the words most dump chef can be able to prepare spaghetti, Bolognese. This shows how much the Italian foods are simple to prepare. Making an Italian feast is not as grueling as you may think. If not already in your cupboard, most of the ingredients are readily available in the supermarket. In the US alone, there are thousands of Italian restaurants in all the states and cities. These make Italian foods to be readily available at any time more than other foods such as Greek and Romans delicacies.


Italian foods have gained tremendous popularity and continue to resonate in the entire US. This is seen in the thousands of Italian restaurants, American first Eataly as well as supermarkets. The American cook is becoming more familiar with Italian foods. More so, home cooks are becoming more inspired to pursue Italian authentic food products, and Italian producers are putting more effort into bringing real Italian food to the US.