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Today’s Special

Our pride and glory are our freshly prepared seafood specialties. We want to suggest some of our best dishes.

If you like Mackerel you will love our specialty. The rich taste of Mackerel with a twist – our smoked Mackerel on oatcakes. This nutritious fish has been on our menu for a long time and has remained a customer favorite.

Our freshly made Lobster bisque never ceases to amaze. It’s creamy and smooth, and the seasoning is always on point. Lobster bisque is a classic in these parts but we take to a whole new level. Its flavors are perfect to warm up and brighten your day.

Crabs are our longstanding specialty. The Cape Breton Snow Crabs have been a classic which is distinctly connected to this region and we pride ourselves on having it on our menu. Some people will go to restaurants which serve seafood only to get a taste of these delicious crabs.

Food and Drink

  • Salmon is flavorful fish which is easy to pair with wine. It goes well with both red and white wine.
  • With lobster and other seafood rich in flavor it is even easier. Ultimately the best pairing would always be with sparkling wine or champagne.
  • As for crabs and oysters, you can have a pick of a white wine. Any sort of shellfish will match well with a classic white wine.

What People Are Saying

David Artis

David Artis

I’ve always loved Hoopgood’s kitchen. It felt like the chef anticipated my wishes and the specials were never a miss. The dishes are exciting, the restaurant itself has a great atmosphere, and I always had a great time there. My favorite thing is to sit at the bar a have some bisque.

Maggie Tracy

Maggie TracySeafood is my thing. When I find a good seafood restaurant I’m its most loyal patron. I love Hoopgood’s because they always have freshly prepared dishes which are served wonderfully. The service is top notch, the space is beautiful, comfortable and welcoming. What I love the most is the tuna tartar specialty.


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We have an offer on classic seafood dishes which have met our customers’ needs and wishes. But we also have a new take on seafood and we’re not afraid to experiment. We always have an authentically made menu designed to offer a tasty adventure. Many dishes are specialties of the region and cannot thus be tried anywhere else. We are proud to serve these dishes along with some well-known classics.